Faux Wood

Casafina Faux Wood

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds provide the visibility of shutters or Basswood Blinds at a much more affordable price. Durable, easy to clean, and warp resistant Faux Wood look like real wood blinds but are made of a high-quality polyvinyl material that is perfect for areas with high humidity or extreme temperatures. Our Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds are available in 2″ louvers, have an extensive designer color pallet and the option of fabric tape. Faux Wood blinds are also available in and 2½” louvers with a limited color selection.

Operating Options

Remote Control

The easy way to spread and introduce the beauty of coming out from the Waterfall Woven Wood Shade is the Cord Lift. Similarly, wrapping up this natural beauty is easy with cord lift.

Continuous Cord

Select the continuous cord loop to wrap up or down Waterfall Woven Wood Shade in a uniform and practical method. Furthermore, cord tension locks take away your safety worries

Smart Phones

Wrapped up or roll back Motorized Waterfall Woven Wood Shade without leaving your place. So of my programmed solutions let you enjoy your sleep without any sunlight interruption.

Casafina Faux Wood Features

High quality and colour coordinating operating systems.

Large range of FR fabrics.

Full fabric solar and optical performance data provided.

Screen fabrics to gently filter light and reduce glare.

Energy efficient fabrics to save energy and money.

Guide Wire system available to keep fabric secure.

Cost effective Casafina Touch Motorization available.

Casafina Faux Wood Blinds Colors

Let Casafina Expert will help you to pick right option for you.

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