Cafe Style Shutters

Casafina Cafe Style Shutters

The Cafe Style Shutters represents urban, cosmopolitan, refined and modern touch in a room environment. The half-covered window admits the sunshine to illuminate your interior while the other half guards your privacy. The lower part works as a screen for prying eyes.

Hence, this type of shutters appears perfect for street-level windows. Besides, you can use these shutters in any part of your building. For example, the wooden shutter grace bed and living rooms better. While PVC shutters appear appropriate choice in a kitchen. You can avail considerable choices in colors, rails, making material and sizes.

With great privacy value and versatile window treatments, cafe style shutters are a good solution for many windows.

Operating Options

Remote Control

The easy way to spread and introduce the beauty of coming out from the Waterfall Woven Wood Shade is the Cord Lift. Similarly, wrapping up this natural beauty is easy with cord lift.

Continuous Cord

Select the continuous cord loop to wrap up or down Waterfall Woven Wood Shade in a uniform and practical method. Furthermore, cord tension locks take away your safety worries

Smart Phones

Wrapped up or roll back Motorized Waterfall Woven Wood Shade without leaving your place. So of my programmed solutions let you enjoy your sleep without any sunlight interruption.

Louver Sizes

Pick 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 4/5 Inches Louver Size with Center, Offset, Hidden Tilt Rod

Let Casafina Expert will help you to pick right option for you.

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