Special Shapes Shutters

Casafina Special Shapes Shutters

The special shapes can be arched, angles, hexagonal, circular, triangular or some other shape. The point is that you need not to fret because our inventory brings fabulous solutions for you in this situation. Thanks to the choices in material, you can use our special-shaped windows in any part of your home. Besides, you can select any type of finish, colour, louvre size and working.

Operating Options

Remote Control

The easy way to spread and introduce the beauty of coming out from the Waterfall Woven Wood Shade is the Cord Lift. Similarly, wrapping up this natural beauty is easy with cord lift.

Continuous Cord

Select the continuous cord loop to wrap up or down Waterfall Woven Wood Shade in a uniform and practical method. Furthermore, cord tension locks take away your safety worries

Smart Phones

Wrapped up or roll back Motorized Waterfall Woven Wood Shade without leaving your place. So of my programmed solutions let you enjoy your sleep without any sunlight interruption.

Material Options


The PVC made Plantation shutter is an affordable substitute for wood. The synthetic material is known for its strength and stability. The recyclable making material makes it even a better choice for you.


The light hardwood with its grain gives unmatchable grace to your home or workplace decor. The choice of finishes and colour in case of painted assert the beauty of wood to please your eyes.

Let Casafina Expert will help you to pick right option for you.

Casafina Special Shapes Shutters Collection