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Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood shades can put on traditional or modern look to your room settings. The variety in finish and reeds make these appropriate for urban and countryside interiors alike. As regards appeal, these nature made woven shades blend the relaxing elements in the room aura. The choices in lining, edge bandings and valances results in exemplary beauty in interior decor.


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Operating Options

he easy way to spread and introduce the beauty of coming out from the Waterfall Woven Wood Shade is the Cord Lift. Similarly, wrapping up this natural beauty is easy with cord lift.

Select the continuous cord loop to wrap up or down Waterfall Woven Wood Shade in a uniform and practical method. Furthermore, cord tension locks take away your safety worries.

Wrapped up or roll back Motorized Waterfall Woven Wood Shade without leaving your place. Sofmy programmed solutions let you enjoy your sleep without any sunlight interruption.

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